Charles Riley Art

Blind Man with Yellow Piano and Poetry

Digital photo of painting with writing layer added. Here's the entire background:

This painting suffered an
unfortunate shotgun blast
and puncture wound by a
whimsical art critic. How
he managed to do this
from a particularly vi-
tuperative social media
website I am amazed.
However, with the ever
increasing pace of progress
I am not completely sur-
prised. Without the least
offense taken, I incorporated
the criticism as part of the
natural life of the painting. I
believe this adds some of
the rough and unexpected
circumstances we must
face and work with
without hiding in self-pity
or exaggerating our own
self-worth by railing at the
injustice of life. In the end, the
painting emerged as a better
painting for the criticism.
The gunshot wound to the
buttocks forced me to re-
think the healing process
and the scars left behind,
while the puncture wound
to the sky reinforced my
understanding of a growing
resentment of space and time
not paying enough attention
to our complaints about being
stuck wherever we are in
congested motor ways.


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