Charles Riley Art

Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Master Da Liu's Yang Style Tai Chi Form and Chi Kung
as handed down by Sifu Charles Riley
Calm the mind.  Relax the body.  Flex the knees and sink the weight into
the feet.  Everything is rounded and gently extended.  Gently pull down the
tail bone and push forward until you feel the weight sink evenly in the feet.  
Concentrate on the breathing and the center in the lower abdomen.  Develop a
soft focus, an open awareness of your surroundings.  

Throughout the form shift the weight to one foot and relax the light leg all
the way to the hip.  Turn on the heel or the toes.  Then step with the light foot.
 The hands are coordinated with the feet.  The upper body is relaxed
and centered.  Coordinate the deep-breathing with the slow even movement.  
Energy is directed from the feet to the arms and hands using the waist.

Move as if pressing through water.  Each posture created flows into the next.
Tai Chi Facing Viewer
Tai Chi Facing Away from Viewer
Chi Kung

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