Charles Riley Art

Furnace of the Elixir (2018)

31x25x1 in ~ Painting, Oil

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Expressionistic artwork about purification:
The engine of passion is purified on the Western Mountains.
Mountains are obstacles but also a means to reach a height.
The light is turned round on the climb to attentive clarity.
With purified mind, who knows what heights we can achieve.
Who may we find ourselves along the way to be?
Having plucked the root of the original instrument,
The tangled thread of invisibility rises in silence
To entangle and weave the portrait of life inside-out.
The furnace of the elixir illuminates the reversed.
No matter many thousands of years, a rock is disturbed
And shadows disperse to reveal the untold story.
How many rocks need to be cleared by the furnace?
It can happen with the smallest pebble of a charitable thought
Having never ventured from the valley of birth and death.
- C. Riley


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