Charles Riley Art

Reunion (2018)

20x16x0.1 in ~ Painting, Oil

Painting of son's high school graduation picture. Medium is oil on Arches Oil Paper. A friend sent me pictures of a reunion he had. It led me to thinking about reunions and the relationships of immediate experience open to what is revealed of the creative spirit of the universe and the reflections on past and future penetrating what lies behind the reality and makes it real. I wrote some thoughts on this and fashioned it into what I refer to as a word arrangement. I then thought a painting of my son's high school graduation picture would expand on this in ways that can't be expressed in words. The word arrangement follows:

A High School picture is proof of the improbability of existence as we picture it.
It is proof of the connectivity with the before and after as now come to pass.
This now is irretrievably gone as that but still referenced behind enemy lines as a compass.
The view over the edge of now leans us into the vertigo of the microcosm’s expanse.
The macrocosm of the room and beyond balances us on a shifting ledge of tense.
By all rights, the macrocosm should possess no hold on our experience of existence.
Yet we are held together seemingly solid when not as particles pass through unhindered.
Immense energy is released as warning of our cessation if we tinker with the smallest part.
The experience of the improbability of existence is referred to by some as mindfulness.
Taoists and Buddhists refer to this awareness as “turning the light around.”
In the West, we may refer to love of God with whole heart, mind, spirit, and strength.
Those, who prefer something other than a religious or spiritual reference,
may refer to this as the studied and verified acceptance that the past exists in coexistence.
The past waits in ossuary vaults for a high school reunion of the hoped for continuation.
The improbable union of past exists in the faith of the existents to experience existence.


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